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Ch. Rebelcreek's Moosin' Around ...
A Rebelcreek Golden Retriever


This is Moose, a wonderful Golden Retriever.  Moose was born March 5, 1991.  He is the son of Ch. Glenru's Rusty Nail CD (Rusty) and Ch. Stonehedge Ragweed Tapestry (Cotton).  Moose is truly a beautiful golden retriever.

At the high end of the Golden Retriever breed standard, Moose stands 24-1/2" at the shoulders and is approximately 90 pounds.  His coat is medium gold, and is long and dense with excellent thickness of undercoat.  He carries full feathering and a lovely mane.  Moose is a large boned and is an impressive golden retriever.  Moose had a very successful show career, attaining his championship at a young age and going on to win multiple group placements.  He has been retired from showing for several years now, preferring to stay home and have fun being a goofy golden retriever.
The world is a wonderful place according to Moose.  At 7-1/2 he is fun loving, energetic and loves to play, especially retrieving.  He's a big Schmoozer and loves to cuddle.  Very gentle and kind, he is a favourite with children.  Moose has the perfect golden retriever temperament and life would never be the same without him.

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